Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogger Access Restricted

Hi everyone. We haven't been able to post onto the blog much because for the last month or so the government has shut down blogger access, at least on our network and others here have had the same issues. This happens from time to time - the other example that comes to mind is YouTube was shut down because of some footage that was disagreeable. Another example happened this morning when the Asia CNN was broadcasting a story of the 20 year anniversary of the famous student crackdown in Beijing (don't want to hit the filters with that name - google it:) and the TV just went blank until the end of that story. So, we have finally figured out a workaround but Rachel won't be able to respond to your comments and the blog posts will still come but be sporadic, as they have been.


  1. You guys absolutely stink at updating your blog!!!!

    With much love and respect,

  2. Wow!! I am thrilled for your experiences! I hope that you are settling in to Alabama right?
    Your eally need to post some new info, but I have to say that Grace is A-dor-able!!!
    Miss you guys!